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Leadlins – simple yet powerful page builder

It's our customisable page builder, which allows to create beautiful pages for all of your social media links, with variety of predefined blocks or style it with custom HTML block and apply custom CSS & JS. Use your own domain names and get detailed analysis on everything your visitors did on the page, and/or add third-party pixels. 

On top of that, you can shorten links, create QR-codes, collaborate with your team managing the same pages/links. Add custom SEO and UTM parameters for your pages. Protect your pages/links with a password. Redirect your visitors to different link/page by device type/country/browser language and use rotation for A/B testing.

It also allows to schedule your links/pages when they're available, you can even set specific timeframe for certain blocks on your pages when your visitors will see them – it's very useful for marketing purposes. 

Finally, you can collect your visitors email address, phone numbers, and accept PayPal payments/donations. And all your links and pages can be added to different spaces for convenient management. 

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x.leadlins – lightweight privacy focused web analytics

It allows to view and get details of all the visitors, analyse all their past sessions, and even identify your visitors by assigning to your website logged in users an identifier.

x.leadlinks has a lightweight mode that fulfils the basic tracking needs while extremely fast. No cookies and no local storage, GDPR, CCPA and PECR compliant – No tracking consent needed.

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up.leadlins – website uptime monitor

It's a helpful tool to make sure your websites are online, and if not - immediately get notified via either email, slack, discord or telegram. Advanced users can configure notification handler to be notified via web-hooks.

It checks not only websites, but servers & ports too. It can process custom HTTP requests & responses.

You can  create public or private status pages to showcase your websites' monitors. Every website monitor you create automatically gets a status page with useful analytics if your website performance, i.g uptime, response time, last accident etc.


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